The World's safest and smartestreal flame candles

Ambiance in just a tap

Ambiance in just a tap

Everbrite Flame

A bright flame -- always. No tunneling or buried wicks.

Scene mode

One touch settings for relaxation, dinner & more.

the perfect pillar

A beautiful design that always stays looking new.


Set 30 minute and 1-hour increments to any zone.

Multizone Lighting

Control multiple LuDela candle zones with the app

candle remaining meter

Reports at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% levels.

Dimmer Switch

Create the perfect candlelight brightness for any occasion

Long-Life rechargeable Li-Ion batteries

Estimated 5-6 months between charges.

Peace of mind wi-fire smart module with 7-point safety feature


Reduces fire risk by blowing the flame out in unsafe conditions.

safe burn design

Reduces fire risk if LuDelas are accidentally left to burn too long.

Smart scan

Reduces fire risk by scanning the environment before ignition.

safe wax design

Our small wax pool minimizes chance of burns during accidental spills.

child-lock app

Password protects your candlelight.

SmartPhone alerts

Relax. LuDela will notify you if your attention is needed.

low battery detection

Will not allow operation in unsafe battery states.

Scent the mood 100% natural, paraffin-free wax refill

100% natural wax

Proprietary, paraffin-free blends of soy, beeswax, coconut & palm.

scent options

Unscented, seasonal, essential oil and luxury scenting refill offerings.

natural wicks

Non-toxic, lead-free wicks you never need to dig out of wax.

subscription benefits

Save 33% per month with our monthly refill subscription.

mess-free wax

Virtually eliminates costly wax damage to furniture and carpets.

efficient burn

Burn 100% of your wax fuel unlike most wasteful pillar candles.

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