LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White

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The LuDela Perfect Starter Set contains all you need to bring LuDela into your home. Comes in a luxury gift box with candlelight fixture, two candle refills, two fragrance rings, remote and charging cable. You'll get 40+ hours of Perfect Candlelight right out of the box! Includes a donation of a book to kids in need!



Candle Fixture in Ivory, 2 Candle Refills, 2 SunScent Rings, Remote, Charging Cable.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent as always

Added a second LuDela and an oil subscription. Couldn’t be happier with the product or service.

So happy you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family and helping us realize the Better Light, Better Lives vision! Have an awesome day, Binkle! Binks
Love having the Perfect Pillar in my home.

A unique, beautiful, safe, reliable, conscientious source of natural candlelight.

Thanks, Don! So thrilled you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family and our Better Light, Better Lives vision! Enjoy! Jamie
Lovely light

I purchased these for my wife who loves regular scented candles . When she first saw LuDela candles she laughed and asked why you would need remote controlled candles. Well, she's not laughing anymore. She loves them and so do I. They always look nice and new, and they throw a beautiful light which is consistently lovely and works almost anywhere in the house. We place one in our bathroom during parties and always get positive comments from our guests. We use candle light more often now because there is a timer which blows out the candle if you forget. They are beautiful, smell nice, and convenient to use. I'm buying a few more now.

Thanks, Neil! So happy you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family!
Great product idea

These candles are the best. Plus helping others is a bonus.

Perfect Pillar is an understatement

To call LuDela a perfect pillar is an understatement. In my opinion, its the greatest revolution in candles since the invention of candles. I always hated LED candles because the ambiance form the light is disingenuous. Finally, a candle for the 21st century with the safety features of an electric candle and the true romantic ambiance of a real flame. Just WOW! This is going to change the game - great job LuDela for knocking this innovation out of the park! I will be gifting these to everyone I know for a long time to come :)