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prompt and amazing service at usual. Immediate response times.
always, very impressed.

Caring Candle Refill Packs (2 Per Pack)

Best candle ever!

Awesome candle! I'm buying more!

Thanks much, Mark! Welcome to the LuDela family! If you would not mind doing a review on Amazon too we'd be grateful! is link. thanks!
Easy refill!!

Rather than buying a new candle, I just pop in the refill and I have another 20 plus hours of candle light at my finger tips. Pretty cool!

These are soooo cool!

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT .... it is soooo cool to have a Real-Flame candle that is on a remote control. Plus LuDela is coming out with a Alexa & Google home voice activated unit. Even cooler. The subscription refills make it easy to stay on top of not running out of the fuel. Plus the built in safety features give you peace of mind that it will self extinguish if tipped over and you can set a timer!!!!! LOVE THAT. We now have 6 units in our house .... I look forward to summer and having them in hurricane lanterns on our patio.


This is a great way to have and keep refills so when you want to lite the candles, you can!!

Hey Bruce, glad you are enjoying the subscription! We're grateful to have you as a customer!
Smells were very nice.. but..

Gas is expensive and really doesn’t last very long. Sadly not worth the amount of time it burns.. maybe I got ones that were 75% full, definitely feels a bit less then the time said on the bottles and on the website for burn time. Oh well.

Hi Adam, Our refill plan is a great way to get the most value per hour. Let us know what we can do to make your expereince optimal!

Convenient to not have to worry about running out of refills for my candle.

Fast service

Received my order quickly.

Perfect addition

Waiting until out of fuel is a frustrating time to buy it. The mail takes way too long to have our LuDelas up and running. Plus free shipping?!? No brainer. Thrilled with the LuDela folks for coming up with this convenience.

We're grateful to have you as a customer, Binkle! Let us know if we can do anything to keep you grinning even more!
Excellent as always

Added a second LuDela and an oil subscription. Couldn’t be happier with the product or service.

So happy you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family and helping us realize the Better Light, Better Lives vision! Have an awesome day, Binkle! Binks
Love having the Perfect Pillar in my home.

A unique, beautiful, safe, reliable, conscientious source of natural candlelight.

Thanks, Don! So thrilled you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family and our Better Light, Better Lives vision! Enjoy! Jamie
A Smart Purchase!

A Smart Purchase!

Love my Ludela candle!

I use it all the time. Bought a subscription of two refills a month and it's perfect for me. I find myself putting the candle on every night. It adds a beautiful ambiance to my living room.

Thanks, Jeremy! We're grateful to have you as a customer!
Lovely light

I purchased these for my wife who loves regular scented candles . When she first saw LuDela candles she laughed and asked why you would need remote controlled candles. Well, she's not laughing anymore. She loves them and so do I. They always look nice and new, and they throw a beautiful light which is consistently lovely and works almost anywhere in the house. We place one in our bathroom during parties and always get positive comments from our guests. We use candle light more often now because there is a timer which blows out the candle if you forget. They are beautiful, smell nice, and convenient to use. I'm buying a few more now.

Thanks, Neil! So happy you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family!
Excellent concept

Excellent concept


When I first saw this product I was impressed! IÕm even more impressed having gotten them. I got one to start with to see if it was as good as it looked. It was, so ordered two more, which I had hoped to do at the start and it works exactly as IÕd hoped and looks great! Even sent one to a friend. Customer service is great, and they go the extra mile. If you like candles, this is a wonderful option!!

Sun Scent Rings are divine

I have a selection of the sun scent rings for the Ludela candle and I must say they smell divine some are stronger than others BUT they all make the room smell beautiful.


I have been wating for this product for decades. No mess. No wick hassles. No tunneling pillars. Wow!

Great product idea

These candles are the best. Plus helping others is a bonus.

Great Scents

They smell awesome!

Better Light, Better Lives!

I really love the idea of having this amazing instant source of perfect candlelight. And just as EXCITED that every time I just my LuDela products I'm helping others. Beter Light, Beter Lives. Grateful to be part of this

Peace of Mind!

I have two kids and a dog. I had LED candles all over but hated them. I'm now back to real flame and feel so much more peace knowing they will blow out if tipped over! Great innovation


My order was prompt and packed well. Love my Ludela Candles!

Thanks, Jacqueline! So happy you are enjoying your LuDelas! Thanks for being part of the LuDela Family and helping us realize our vision of Better Light, Better Lives!
Good Bye LED Candles

I hated my LED candles but that was all I felt comfortable having in my house. I love the safety features, timer and fl