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LOVE this

I love the convenience of remote controlled candles. don't have to get my lazy butt out of bed.... after I've exhausted myself from my candlelit activities ;-)

Fixed problem that was my fault...

Customer service very responsive. Worked with us so we were back up and running in no time. (Thanx, guys!)


The candles always look like there new and the flame is a perfect height. Love the ambiance the candles give.

Fabulous service and great products

I was one of the 1st to get one of these fabulous candles and Jamie and Cristina have looked after me well as a customer from across the Pond in the UK 🇬🇧 my friends wow at this as it’s not available on the market here unless you buy as I did direct I hope onceout of the EU and we do a deal with the USA 🇺🇸 LuDela will be in our stores as it is truly wonderful I know one store who would love it it’s called John Lewis it’s a lovely everyday but upmarket shop they sell the good things for everyone and the best of everything - anyway love what I got the other day will always love it - thank you for your continued help x

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
Amazing product

This is absolutely amazing candle, I loved it and I would like to thank the owners for their amazing customer service . Will definitely order more
highly recommended this Beautiful candle which can be used to add delightful effect to your room or anywhere you want.
thank you.

Caring Candle Refill Packs (2 Per Pack)

Fantastic service and Fab product

Have been using my LuDela candle for over a year now and it’s fantastic so happy service is always excellent and friendly and happy to help highly recommend the candle is always a talking point and one ☝️ of “Wow were did you find that “.

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
Wow, very cool product,

If you love the idea of instantly having a candle burning - this product is for you. Literally with the touch of a button you’re basking in candle light. There’s nothing like instant candle zone. For guys it’s the best gift. When my wife asks for a gift idea, I just say if it’s electronic or catches on fire - I’ll like it. This does both and has a remote!

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
💯 % satisfaction❣️❣️❣️❣️

These candles fill my home with warm flame light! I have 4of them and keep the remotes near my front door for instant real live flame in an instant.

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
Finaly a good remote candle

- Top product
- worth every penny
- uncomplicated delivery
- best service EVER!!!
- Thank you

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
Great Candle

Love the idea of this candle - just wish it were a little smaller, and there were more options for colors / sizes.

Great product. A+

Purchased five candles and planning to purchase five more. Only complaint is I wish the scents were stronger. They all smell great and last just not that strong. Could just be me. Great company all around.

Perfect transaction!

Great product, friendly service, fast shipping! Thanks!

The fuel that lights the flame

This refill is packaged brilliantly. Love the Velcro closure. Ludela pays attention to detail! 😊

Mad about wax!

I am so enamored with this product. The wax shell (crimson red) is gorgeous! It’ll be good for any patriotic or holiday theme...I hear Christmas calling and we haven’t even gotten to the 4th of July! It is super easy to switch out. This product is ingenious!

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
Awesome Product & Incredible Customer Service

These are expensive. It's true. But they are beautiful, they are safer than wax candles, they don't produce soot & if you set it up with the Bond system, they are voice controlled! (I love doing this when guests are over...) It's rare that a product I purchase continues to bring me joy with each use - these really do. I first purchased a kit with two candles and the Bond hub to set it up with my Alexa system (which was easy to do and also controls my ceiling fans!) and one of the candles was not working. After following the extremely helpful troubleshooting video it still wasn't working, but I reached out to their customer service team and they made things right - 100%. I am totally satisfied so far and I hope the company does well so I can always get refills for these awesome candles.

Such a Soothing Scent

My husband hates wax candles. The soot triggers his asthma and the fragrances that I like are too strong for him. We finally found a compromise in LuDela. There is no soot production, we get the real flame candlelight we both love, and the fragrance rings produce enough scent to lightly fragrance a room without overpowering the environment. Sunny Breeze is a perfect everyday fragrance & I truly enjoy it.

Amazing Candle

I purchased this candle for my wife as a Mother's Day present. She loves the candle and has been raving about it to her friends. I have to admit, clicking a button on the remote and seeing the candle spark to life is pretty awesome.

Candle Sleeve

Purchased the red for my Christmas table theme decoration everyone said what a wonderful candle it looked even better when it lit and blew out but the sleeves are great and make a candle fit any room

prompt and amazing service at usual. Immediate response times.
always, very impressed.

Caring Candle Refill Packs (2 Per Pack)

LuDela Perfect Pillar Starter Set: Linen White
Best candle ever!

Awesome candle! I'm buying more!

Thanks much, Mark! Welcome to the LuDela family! If you would not mind doing a review on Amazon too we'd be grateful! is link. thanks!
Easy refill!!

Rather than buying a new candle, I just pop in the refill and I have another 20 plus hours of candle light at my finger tips. Pretty cool!

These are soooo cool!

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT .... it is soooo cool to have a Real-Flame candle that is on a remote control. Plus LuDela is coming out with a Alexa & Google home voice activated unit. Even cooler. The subscription refills make it easy to stay on top of not running out of the fuel. Plus the built in safety features give you peace of mind that it will self extinguish if tipped over and you can set a timer!!!!! LOVE THAT. We now have 6 units in our house .... I look forward to summer and having them in hurricane lanterns on our patio.


This is a great way to have and keep refills so when you want to lite the candles, you can!!

Hey Bruce, glad you are enjoying the subscription! We're grateful to have you as a customer!