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Check out reviews from LuDela Gen1 customers then try a Gen2 starter set today!
Based on 83 reviews
Great stuff!

We love our LuDela candle - no worries about fires, toxins, etc. The refill experience as great - easy, quick. Thanks!

LuDela FOUR FOR LESS Package
Joel Richards (Annapolis, US)
Good candles.

All four candles worked as advertised. Just wish they had different sizes and colors.

LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridges — 8 Refills
Michael Santos (The Bronx, US)
On the MONEY.

I LOVE the relaxing feeling it gives to my bedroom.

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Robert Bovaird (Southbury, US)
quality problem

of the two candles, one has a problem where it will not remain lit. The sensor to detect tilting and/or overheating seems to be too sensitive and the candle auto-extinguishes after a few seconds. My experience with customer support was ultimately satisfying, but inefficient. I don't believe they actually read my emails! I described the problem carefully, and was advised on how to correct the ignition system, which was clearly not involved. Then I was asked to provide information to verify my purchase, including my mailing address, which I did. Later, customer service offered to send me a new candle and asked for my mailing address again, when all they had to do is scroll down to my previous response. I finally got an offer to replace the defective unit, but I had to provide the same information more than once. I suggest that the reps take a few more minutes to read what customers are saying so that they can respond to the actual problem being reported and prevent repetitive requests for information, This will save them time in the long run as it will require fewer emails back and forth.

LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridges - 2 Refills
Jeff Gregus (Grand Rapids, US)

Waited for a long time for the candles! The product is absolutely everything and more! A must buy!

The 200-Hour 4-Pack
Jacqueline Karban (Belleville, US)
The 200-hour 4-pac

Very well packed and received timely.

This is a great innovation in candles

Love being able to enjoy the candles with out the melted wax and burnt wicks

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Constance Clapp (Jupiter, US)
Love um

I love these candles. I use them every night at the dinner table.

Amazing Tech , great ambiance

Was given the original LuDela by my research fanatical Uncle. I love it and the built it safety makes it a true comfort to use and never worry about accidentally leaving it and setting the house on fire. It is the only candle I’ll use and buy more of in the future .

LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridges - 2 Refills
Steve Foren (Santa Clara, US)

Wish u have some aroma stick or what ever

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Sean Dwyer (Ruston, US)
Candle-hater become candle-lover

I have never liked candles - I do all I can to minimize my wife's use of them. My concerns are 1. toxicity - how do I know this candle doesn't have bad things in it (like heavy metals) and 2. safety.

LuDela Candles solves my issues. I trust their liquid candle mixture and all my safety/worry concerns are gone with their instant turnoff features.

Now, I am the first to light up our candle and leave it on for hours a day!

I know this sounds like a made-up review, but I swear it is not.

Thanks for the kind words, Thomas! I can relate as a candle lover who had so many frustrations I decided to invent this solution. So glad you are enjoying it!

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Lloyd Tarter (The Villages, US)
Great Candle

Great candle, works perfect. We really like the safety features

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Keith Sawyer (Chapel Hill, US)
Great product!

The remote works great, both turning on and off. I like that it automatically turns off when it tips a little bit to the side (I tested it to see). When I first took it out of the box, it didn't work until I bent the little wires a tiny bit. There's a video on their web site that tells you how to do that, it wasn't hard.

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Mel P. Collins, Jr. (Saluda, US)
A new way to safely enjoy candles!

Very pleased with our new LuDela candles. They have proven to be safe, convenient and elegant. On both candles we did need to slightly adjust the ignitor wires, but this was a two-minute tweek. Great concept. We'll be gifting a set to both of our children so that they can enjoy the magic of LuDela.

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Kimberly Marsch (San Diego, US)
Beautiful Candle

I love this new streamlined version of Gen 1. I will see how long the fuel lasts, but the timer function is
spot on. It is a pretty, white candle. Glad I gave Gen 2 a try. I’m a big fan!

Spread the Love Special - 8 Gen2 for Only $59 Each
Matt S (Chicago, US)
This product is amazing....Also, great if you lose power:)

I’m very much in love with this product....I really hope it catches on. having candle light in high places used to be impossible before this product and as you know, its impossible for an LED to perfectly mimic a real flame. Very little smoke when it is extinguished and almost no odor at all. I just ad a power outage last night and with a flick of the remote I was back in business like magic...

Wow, that's an amazing video! So happy you're excited about the product, Matt! Do feel free to ping us with any product ideas/suggestions as 2.1 is in the works so small ideas/tweaks welcome!

Cool Gadget! Very Happy!

I like owning the latest thing. Recently I got the opportunity to purchase the Ludela Gen2 (remote controlled candle). My wife and I love it. Easy to operate & fun to use. With the easy, set it and forget it Remote, we can have candle light, with just the touch of the ‘On’ Button! Happy...

LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridges - 2 Refills
Timothy Morris (Lumberton, US)

Excellent product

great product

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Fabian J. Dohmes (Dallas, US)
Great gift

The candle looks beautiful, great centerpiece, or on a sideboard. There's no visible branding or anything, and it works as promised - wonderful new add, my wife loves it!

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Don Blay (Brookline, US)
I love these candles

I can’t say enough good things about these candles. I love having the peace of mind of the automated extinguish timer and other safety features of proximity & tilt sensors.
With the ease of lighting, I use these candles way more than I ever used traditional ones.
Also friends are always so impressed & interested I with these them, they make a great conversation pieces.
Highly recommended!

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Bob K. (Virginia Beach, US)
Great idea!

I purchased five of these to use at home and give as gifts. They are such a great idea! The remote and timer both work nicely and the candle is a great centerpiece on our kitchen table.

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Jacqueline Connor (Seaside, US)
Exquisite customer support

The responsiveness of Jamie was beyond perfect.

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
DANIEL HEATH (Blythewood, US)
Great Product. Great Online Support Videos.

That’s all I have to say.

LuDela Candle Starter Kit
Anthony Merrill (Portland, US)
Remote lighting requires being close and candles could be slightly smaller.

Cool candles. It would be nice if the remote had a bit more range. You need to be within 10 feet to light. Candle base is also a bit large for many holders, but that does provide stability.

All in all a very cool product. Thumbs up!