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The world’s first scented candle instant ignite and extinguish candle

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LuDela is like a light switch for natural real flame candlelight, giving you all the advantages of a natural candle without the worry or hassle.

Our starter kit has everything you need to get running with your remote control, wall mount, charging cable, two fragrance rings (in Hot Apple Cider) and your first two Caring Candle Refills for 40+ hours of perfect candlelight.
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Advanced Safety Features
 LuDela’s Tilt-Extinguish extinguishes the flame on accidental falls while Timer Extinguish blows out your candles when you tell them to.
Scent on Demand
World's first interchangeable scented candle allowing you to choose the fragrance you want, when you want it.
Allows you to change the color of your outer shell as the seasons change

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Our additional kits allow you to save and burn for longer

LuDela Perfect Candle Kits

LuDela Candle Kit + Candle Holders