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Please watch our 'Getting Started with LuDela' video for a step-by-step tutorial on LuDela.

The battery will last 3-5 months between charges, depending on use.

The LuDela Candle uses an ignition system that lights the wick of the candle cartridges when you use the remote control. There is a fan that blows the candle out after the timer period ends, the user presses the extinguish button, or the candle's safety system is activated.

Each candle cartridge burns up to 25+ hours. When used for about 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, a set of two cartridges should last about 1.5 months.

All candles have inherent fire danger.  You must use LuDela as directed, and practice the same safety measures you do with any real-flame candle. However, if used as directed, our design and technologies make the adored real-flame candle experience safer with multiple features like Tilt Extinguish, Touch Extinguish, and Timer Extinguish.

This is a custom-made single-use Liquid Paraffin Cartridge made with recyclable plastic. It burns the same liquid paraffin wax used in millions of restaurants, hotels, and resorts worldwide.

LuDela has a limited 90-day warranty that can be found in our instruction manual here.

No. If you have lost your remote, or your remote is no longer working, please email us at or call 855-5-LuDela.

Do not use a lighter or other ignition device to attempt to light your LuDela candle. A manually lit LuDela will not have the safety features activated and therefore increase the risk of a candle fire. 

Yes. The plastic bottle is recyclable, however the wick and metal section on the top must be removed and disposed of before recycling.

No. The LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridge is a sealed, single-use refill that is mess and hassle free. In order to ensure proper functioning of the LuDela candle, it is important to use only sealed LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridges for safety and reliability. Do not attempt to refill or tamper with LuDela Cartridges as it increases the risk of fire danger and voids the warranty.

There is a 2-key safety sequence to unlock the remote-control before the ignition button will function. Once unlocked you can ignite dozens of LuDela Candles in seconds. 

The remote works within a range of 15 feet. The LuDela ‘sun’ logo embossed into the front bottom of the wax candle represents the location of the internal remote receiver. Pointing your remote at this location will provide the best remote range.

We currently only offer ivory but plan to offer more colors and sizes in the future.

Shipping of your initial order is free within the Continental United States. We use a third-party logistic company to fulfill your orders in a timely and accurate manner. All shipping comes with tracking. 

If you are having difficulties getting your LuDela to light, please review our Troubleshooting Guide. Please also view our Troubleshooting Video.

In addition, here are a few quick tips:

- Fully charge the candle until the red light changes to green.

- Pull the small clear plastic piece out of the remote-control battery cover.

- Follow the ‘locking remote’ sequence printed on the back of the remote.

- Point the remote-control at the small sun logo on the candle. 

- Press the remote-control buttons slowly and specifically: Use the tip of your finger or your fingernail to select the desired buttons separately, one at a time. Avoid touching two buttons at once.

- Check to ensure the ignition wires are angled upwards toward the wick and not directed at the metal ring just below the wick. If they are not angled correctly, use a small durable sharp object to bend the wires into the correct location.

- After extended use, the ignitor wires can get corroded. To resolve this issue, remove the Liquid Paraffin Wax Cartridge and clean the ignitor wires with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove any buildup.

For additional questions or if your unit still isn’t working properly, please email us at or call 855-5-LuDela.

If you can ignite your LuDela but it will not extinguish with the use of the remote control, please contact our technical support at or call 855.5.LuDela.

Yes. Please view our self-help videos:

1. Getting Started with LuDela Video

2. Troubleshooting Video

Yes. Please download our product manuals:

- LuDela Quick Start Guide

- LuDela Candle Manual

- LuDela Liquid Paraffin Cartridge Manual

Need a manual from an earlier model? Email us at or call 855-5-LuDela