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LuDela FOUR FOR LESS Package

Regular price$357.00 Sale price$396.00
SKU: 993684K4

LuDela FOUR FOR LESS Package

Regular price$357.00 Sale price$396.00
SKU: 993684K4

The Aficionado Pack Special includes 4 LuDela Candles and 8 refills.

Enjoy the beautiful glow of a real-flame candle with the push of a button. The reusable LuDela candle is always bright and never melts. It maintains the same shape no matter how long it burns. The flame brightness and flame size always emulate the look of a newly lit candle.

    Long-Life Liquid Paraffin Cartridges are affordable and easy to change. They burn virtually soot-free and have no odor. One cartridge inserts into the bottom of the wax pillar. Each Refill lasts 50+ hours.* Order additional cartridges to enjoy the beautiful glow of your LuDela Candle over and over again.

      There are no batteries required to operate the pillar candle. Candle includes a High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery that requires charging about once every three to six months, depending on use.

      The Remote Control includes one replaceable CR2032 Button Cell Battery.

      With LuDela, you can now enjoy burning candlelight with the comfort of knowing it will automatically extinguish after a set period of time. No more worrying about a candle left burning! Experts Agree:

      • CNET’s Best Home Product of 2021
      • The Wall Street Journal’s Best Tech Gift of 2020

      *Based on 3 hours of use, 5 days a week.

          The LuDela Starter Kit includes

          Remote Controlled Reusable Wax Pillar.

          Long-Life Liquid Paraffin Cartridges — Easy to Install.

          Remote Control with On/Off Button and 1-8 hour Auto-Off Timer Selections.

          Each Candle Includes a Rechargable Battery — Use Charging Cord to Charge Candle Every 3 to 6 Months.

          Special Features

          Real-flame ambience. Instant ignite. Instant extinguish. All at the touch of a button.

          Choose 1, 2, 4 or 8-hour burn time. Flame automatically extinguishes when the timer ends.

          A specific button sequence is required to unlock and use the remote.

          The liquid paraffin wax cartridge easily inserts into the bottom of the wax pillar.

          Fingers and fire don’t mix. If the top plate is touched, the candle will self-extinguish.

          If the candle tips or falls, the candle will self-extinguish.