LuDela Starter SetLuDela Starter Set

LuDela Starter Set


LuDela Gen 2 is Here! 

After 17 months of intense research, development, and testing we are thrilled to announce the release of LuDela Gen2!  Gen 2 is brighter, prettier, longer burning, has 3x longer battery life, and so much more. 

Here are some of Gen2's Features and Benefits of Gen2:

  • Remote ignite & extinguish: Instant real flame ambiance with a touch of a button.
  • Tilt-Extinguish: Relax. The flame self extinguishes when it tilts or falls.
  • Safety Extinguish: Fingers and fire don’t mix! LuDela’s flame blows out on the touch of the top of the candle.
  • Timer Extinguish: Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns.
  • Child-Lock Remote: Kids and candles don't mix. LuDela's remote is child-resistant.
  • Always-Bright Flame: Always burns bright like a beautiful new pillar candle and never tunnels down like traditional pillars.
  • Always-New Décor: Never messy. Always looks like a beautiful new candle.
  • Candle Cartridges: Affordable, quick-change cartridges with 50+ hours of candlelight each. Learn More.
  • 3+ Month Rechargeable Battery:  Less charging, more candlelight ambiance than ever!
  • Mess & Hassle Free!: Say goodby to the wax mess and frustrating wicks.
  • Ultra Clean-Burning: LuDela burns 10x cleaner than strict EU standards*
    *Source: SEA Limited Lab test: S-E-A Matter No. 01.108049, October 8, 2020.


Your LuDela Gen2 Starter Set contains all you need to bring the magic of remote control real flame candlelight into your home. 

Your beautiful 4-color gift box contains:

  • One (1) Rechargeable Candlelight Fixture with Real Wax White-Ivory Shell
  • Two (2) 50+ Candle Cartridges giving you 100+ hours of burn time out of the box
  • One (1) Remote Control
  • One (1) Charging cable & Instruction kit
Free Shipping in the Continental USA
Dimensions: 6 inches tall x 4.3 inches wide.  Note we have curved the bottom of the candle to 4 inches at the base to fit most 4-inch candle holders.
  • LuDela Gen2 is only available in USA. No international orders in 2021
  • Free shipping excludes Hawaii and Alaska.
LuDela Candle Cartridge 2-Pack (100+ Hours)LuDela Candle Cartridge 2-Pack (100+ Hours)

LuDela Candle Cartridge 2-Pack (100+ Hours)


Our 2-pack of ultra clean-burning, hassle-free cartridges make it easy and affordable to bring Better Light and Better Lives into your home!

  • Hassle-Free: No more trimming wicks, stuck wicks, wax mess, or frustrating candle experiences!
  • Long Burning: Each refill burns 50+ hours (100+ hours of perfect candlelight per 2-pack).
  • Ultra Clean-Burning: LuDela burns 10x cleaner than strict EU standards*
    *Source: SEA Limited Lab test: S-E-A Matter No. 01.108049, October 8, 2020.
  • Incredible Value: LuDela's candle cartridges deliver all the amazing benefits of LuDela Gen2 at a delightfully low price.
  • Bundle and Save: Stock up and save by subscribing to our simple, hassle-free refill bundle program at checkout. Change, pause, or cancel anytime
  • LuDela is only available in USA. 
  • Free shipping in the continental USA!
    • Excludes Hawaii and Alaska