LuDela Perfect Five - 5ea Starter Bundle

$499 $565

Save $66 on this 5-pack starter package including five (5) LuDela Perfect candlelight fixtures, 10 Caring Candle Refills (20+ hours each of burn time), 2 SunScent Fragrance Rings, charging cables and one remote with wall holder that controls all five fixtures. Includes a donation of 5 books to kids in need!



Five LuDela Perfect fixture with Luxury Linen Color Wax Shell, 10 Candle Refills delivering 20+ hours of burn time each, 2 SunScent Fragrance Rings in Hot Apple Cider, Remote control with wall plate, 5 Charging Cables, AC wall adapter, Luxury gift boxes for all candle fixtures

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Everbrite Flame™

Always burns bright like a new candle

Forever-New Decor™

Always looks like a beautiful new candle

Remote Ignite & Extinguish

Instant real flame ambiance


Relax. The flame self extinguishes when it tilts or falls

Extinguish Timer™

Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns

Scent on Demand™

Add, change, or remove scent

Flex Décor

Change the style or color of your decorative shell

Caring Candle Refills™

Simple, safer, single use refills