LuDela Gen2 - Reservation OnlyLuDela Gen2 - Reservation Only
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LuDela Gen2 - Reservation Only

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Reserve your LuDela Gen2 to ensure you get yours before we sell out, again. We sold out of Gen1 quickly and expect to sell out even faster with Gen2.

Reservations are non-binding and you don't have to put your credit card down.  By reserving you ensure you are on the VIP list to have the opportunity to purchase yours before our formal launch on November 16th, 2020

Best of all, you are joining an important group of early Gen2 customers, which grants you VIP access to our private Facebook group + access to exclusive updates and specials.  

Here's some of Gen2's Features and Benefits:

  • Remote ignite & extinguish: Instant real flame ambiance with a touch of a button
  • Tilt-Extinguish: Relax. The flame self extinguishes when it tilts or falls
  • Safety Extinguish: Fingers and fire don’t mix! LuDela’s flame blows out on touch
  • Timer Extinguish: Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns
  • Child-Lock Remote: Kids and candles don't mix. LuDela's remote is child-resistant
  • Everbrite Flame: Always burns bright like a beautiful new pillar candle        
  • Forever-New Décor: Never messy. Always looks like a beautiful new candle
  • Candle Cartridges: Affordable, quick-change cartridges with 50+ hours of ultra-clean burning candlelight and just .001 lab-confirmed soot emissions.
  • 3+ Month Rechargeable Battery:  Less charging, more candlelight ambiance!Ultra Clean Burning: Emits soot 500 times below strict EU standards
  • Mess & Hassle Free!: Say goodby to the wax mess and frustrating wicks

Please only reserve the quantity you envision yourself purchasing for yourself and, of course, don't forget holiday gifts! The retail MSRP is $99 but special pricing will be available closer to our November 15th launch date for our VIP subscribers who reserved units ahead of time.  Also, there will be exciting bundled pricing that will be announced for buying multiple candles and joining our auto-ship candle cartridge subscription plans.  

Thank you!  

The LuDela Team