For this Valentine's Day, give the gift of light. 

Ludela Candles are more than just candles. Our re-usable and remote operated real flame candles will bring elegance to your designed interiors and help set the mood. Unlike traditional decorative pillar candles, LuDela does not melt down, lose its accent decor benefits during use, or create a wax mess. 

With unique features such as tilt and touch extinguish, you can sit back and relax without a worry. Plus, our remote control allows you to turn your LuDela on from afar with the touch of a button  no matches or lighter needed to light this candle. You can also set a timer and forget about it. 

LuDela is designed with you and your lifestyle in mind, which makes it the ideal gift for your partner  our yourself! Our never melt, remote controlled, real flame candles are back in stock and ready to order. 

This Valentine's day, light up the mood with LuDela candles.