The LuDela Perfect Pillar Candle Is Here for the Holidays

Thank You for Joining Us on the Journey to Better Light, Better Lives

What started as tandem bicycle ride shared by two strangers in Uganda back in 2007 led to the creation of the LuDela Perfect Pillar candle, now available just in time for the holidays!

An ideal holiday gift—or decoration—you can be immensely proud that every time you buy a LuDela product you’re also donating a book to libraries and schools around the world, illuminating their minds of children in need with the empowering gift of literacy.

Combining an Ancient Art With Cutting-Edge Technology

A real-flame candle that can be lit via remote control and extinguished with the touch of a button, the LuDela Perfect Pillar candle combines old-world charm with high-tech convenience and safety. These candles produce the natural light of a real flame, never melt, feature adjustable, interchangeable scents and refillable kerosene cartridges, and snuff themselves out after a predetermined amount of time or if they are accidentally knocked over.

Our founder Jamie Bianchini developed the idea LuDela Perfect Pillar candle after narrowly avoiding disaster in the West African country of Burkina Faso, where, while staying at a rustic guesthouse in a room lit by candles, Jamie fell asleep. He awoke hours later to a room full of smoke caused by a candle fire, a fire he was able to extinguish with his boxer shorts. (Seriously.)

Giving back: Books Donated for Every Product Sold

LuDela Candles Better Light, Better Lives mission
The LuDela Perfect Pillar candle is now providing bright, safe, natural firelight to anyone who wants it. At the same time, LuDela and our customers are helping to build libraries in underserved communities, creating the foundation for a movement of literacy around the world.

Jamie tied the inspiration for the LuDela Perfect Pillar candle to a desire to give back to the kind and selfless people he met while riding through 80 countries on a tandem bicycle, including his friend Innocent, who Jamie met and with whom he rode in Uganda. While riding, Innocent told Jamie of his community’s need for books and opportunities for fundamental education, a conversation that further inspired Jamie to “make a positive impact in the world.” Jamie’s pledge is at the root of LuDela’s promise to donate a book to libraries in underserved communities around the world for every product sold.

The Perfect Gift

Now in stock and ready to ship for the holidays, the Ludela Perfect Pillar candle and Better Light, Better Lives mission are the result of years of commitment and hard work, commitment and hard work that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of family, friends and warm-hearted people like you.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We’re excited to see where we go from here. 

The LuDela Candles family

LuDela founder Jamie Bianchini with his wife Cristina; children Luca (8), Candela (6) and Sol (1); and dog Xavi.

Learn more about the LuDela Perfect Pillar candle and our Better Light, Better Lives mission.