The Home Stretch! LuDela Store is Open & Shipping Soon!

After 3 years and 18 Iterations of the Perfect Pillar we are finally moving our company out of "R&D Mode" and into a "Real Company".  And, well, that's not as easy as it sounds!

If you have been following us over the years you'll know that blending consumer electronics with fire is no easy feat.  We zigged and zagged from a smartphone candle to zero tech candle back to various levels of tech-enabled offerings.  And we're proud to have finally landed on the Perfect Pillar.

This is the full launch lineup that will be in production any day now.  We've got:

  • Perfect Pillar Starter Set: All you need to get started and GREAT gift too!
  • Perfect Pillar Solo: To add on more candle fixtures using same remote
  • Flex Shells: to change the color of your outer decorative shell
  • Caring Candle Refills: Each 2-pack = 40-50 hours of perfect candlelight!
  • SunScent Fragrance Rings: Six fragrance ring offerings and more to come

I've personally made 7 trips to Asia, traversed North America and Europe digging up investors & partners, flew out to Africa to get on the ground with our donors and now we're building a solid team to bring LuDela to the next level and realize our vision of Better Light, Better Lives.

Our eCommerce site is up and we invite you to hop on there and do some shopping.  We have limited quantity hitting our warehouse in early December and orders are coming in already.  So to ensure you have some amazing gifts and killer candles for the holidays you may want to get your order in.  We won't charge your credit card until we ship, rest assured :)

Stay tuned for more soon!

Jamie & the LuDela Team