When it comes to curating and designing a modern home, every detail matters. In order to achieve this look, you need the right pieces to give your home an elegant yet minimal vibe. LuDela candles are the perfect modern centerpiece as you'll never need to replace the candle or worry about unsightly melted wax or soot. Our real flame candles feature a solid wax exterior, but the flame comes from a protected interior and can be ignited from anywhere in the room with the press of a button.

modern candle


When it comes to modern design, black and white is a go-to look. 

Your favorite reading corner just got better. With LuDela candles, you can set a timer and relax with a mess-free candle that never melts.


Add a LuDela to a kitchen countertop or shelf and change the mood of the room with the touch of a button. 

Elevate your space with our Starter Kit. Looking for more than just one candle? Shop our bundles today.