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LuDela Perfect Starter Set: Linen White

LuDela Perfect Starter Set: Linen White

$129 $199

The LuDela Perfect Starter Set contains all you need to bring LuDela into your home. Comes in a luxury gift box with candlelight fixture, two candle refills, two fragrance rings, remote and charging cable. You'll get 40+ hours of Perfect Candlelight right out of the box! Includes a donation of 2 books to kids in need!



Candle Device in Ivory, 2 Candle Refills, 2 SunScent Rings, Remote, Charging Cable.

Illuminate Yourself about LuDela

Join the Better Light, Better Lives Movement

Illuminating Minds with every purchase

LuDela was created on an African cycling expedition where LuDela founder Jamie Bianchini was involved in a candle fire one evening. Jamie soon invented the patented LuDela Perfect candle. He was inspired to create the Better Light, Better Lives social mission in which LuDela donates a book for every candle product sold to illuminate the minds of kids less fortunate as well as bringing libraries to underserved communities.

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Illuminate Minds Program

For every innovative candle product sold, LuDela donates a book to illuminate minds by bringing libraries to underserved communties.


Everbrite Flame™

Always burns bright like a new candle

Forever-New Decor™

Always looks like a beautiful new candle

Remote Ignite & Extinguish

Instant real flame ambiance


Relax. The flame self extinguishes when it tilts or falls

Extinguish Timer™

Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns

Scent on Demand™

Add, change, or remove scent

Flex Décor

Change the style or color of your decorative shell

Caring Candle Refills™

Simple, safer, single use refills


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