The world’s safest and smartest real flame candles

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The safest candle you'll ever own.

  • Tip/Fall Sensor

  • Smart Scan™

  • Child Lock

About 29 candle-related fires occur every day in America. LuDela keeps you and your loved ones safe by auto-extinguishing the flame on dangerous tips and falls. LuDela's SmartScan™ both extinguishes and prohibits ignition of the flame if objects are detected in the burn zone. Our safety alerts and child-safe app deliver priceless peace of mind.

Never worry about the dangers of fire in your home again.

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The warmth of instant candlelight with just a tap.

  • Multi-zone Lighting

  • Timer

  • Scene Mode

Create the perfect mood for any occasion - instantly. Adjust the brightness of all your LuDela candles from your smart phone. You’re in control of every room of candlelight with LuDela’s Multizone Control™. Scene Mode™ uses your favorite presets to illuminate your dinners, meditations and parties.

Fall asleep to candlelight. Set your LuDela to turn off automatically and immerse yourself in stress-free relaxation.

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Save money with LuDela refills.

  • Smart subscriptions

  • Efficient refills

  • Big savings

Enjoying luxurious, beautiful, 100% natural candlelight on a daily basis doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. LuDela costs less than traditional candles. LuDela’s revolutionary design delivers the most economical natural candle experience on earth. Our timer features and efficient burn refill design ensure you don’t waste your candle fuel.

Best of all, the HUGE SAVINGS on a LuDela Refill Plan™ offsets your initial $99 one-time Ludela investment in a year or less!

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Experience that perfect moment.

Today, many people take light for granted - just another modern convenience to help us see when it's dark.

We at LuDela believe that light is an intrinsic part of the human experience. Light not only lets you see, it helps you feel: whether it is the warmth of a flame or the warmth of the ones you love.

Customizeable to the core.

  • Scented refills

  • Swappable shell

  • 100% reusable

Transform and enhance the look and aroma of your home with a variety of natural wax shells and scents for your LuDela. Sleek and stylish, LuDela designs complement any decor with a wide range of styles, enabling you to choose a delightful look and fragrance for every room in your home.

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Scents that soothe.

Science and research have shown that negative emotions can be lifted and moods improved when pleasant fragrances are introduced into the environment. The right scents trigger reactions within the brain, which can relieve stress, enhance clarity, increase energy, create sensual moods and help you fall asleep at night. Our scent collections are always evolving and expanding, enabling you to customize your home’s fragrance to your liking.

Explore LuDela’s Signature Scents™ below.

Vanilla Bliss*

A relaxing blend of sweet, buttery vanilla with hints of coconut and tonka bean.

Recommended for Relaxation

White Tea and Ginger*

An intoxicating mixture of white tea notes and pungent, spicy ginger. This exotic mixture is great for every room in the house.

Recommended for Relaxation

Lavender Escape*

A calming blend of lavender with vanilla makes this an excellent choice to reduce stress and help you sleep better

Recommended for Sleep

Dew Kissed Petals

A delightful blend of fruity pears and peaches with floral tons of jasmine and waterlily

Pomegranate Delight

Fresh red currants and pomegranate touched with a splash of orange and finished with a twist of lemon.

Mango Driftwood

A perfect blend of freshly-sliced mango and oranges combined with woody basenotes of cedarwood and amber

Turquoise Bay

Enjoy a tropical cocktail of island pineapple and coconut combined with blissful basenotes of cedarwood and vanilla

Sheer Linen & Orchid

A light, refreshing combination lily and orange flowers with lavender and sheer musks.

Coastal Waters

Fresh ocean breezes gently blowing over a calm beach. Soft white floral background on a mossy musk base. A fresh coastal fragrance.

Midnight Showers

A soothing, masculine of bergamot and citrus with delightful hints of sandlewood and oak moss

Breathe with confidence.

Paraffin candles have been shown to emit toxic, carcinogenic compounds that can have a negative impact on your health and quality of life. LuDela’s refills are paraffin free, made from high quality 100% natural soy and beeswax.

LuDela is a safer alternative to traditional candles and can help alleviate asthma and allergy related discomfort.

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Fall asleep to the soft glow of natural light.

Wake up relaxed and energized like you were meant to.  Hundreds of medical studies have linked sleep disorders to increased use of artificial light at night, which disrupts the body’s 24-hour sleep/wake cycle. Candlelight is organic light the way nature intended.

Experience how better light creates better lives.

1. Harvard Health Publications, Blue Light has a Dark Side
2. Exposure to Room Light before Bedtime Suppresses Melatonin Onset and Shortens Melatonin Duration in Humans Joshua J. Gooley.

Better Light. Better Lives.

For every LuDela ordered you’ll be changing lives. LuDela delivers a solar-charged light to a family living without access to safe, affordable lighting for every LuDela sold. These solar lights truly change lives by increasing work and study hours while reducing common health and environmental issues caused by toxic kerosene lighting.

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